RaceDeck vs. Epoxy

Почему RaceDeck? (RD против...)

RaceDeck : 100% Сделано в США. Наши покрытия разработаны, спроэктированы и произведены на одном предприятии в Salt Lake City, Utah.

  • ОНИ : Многие Virtually every competitor outsources their molding and manufacturing overseas. Quality, long-lasting, floors result from a combination of flawless manufacture and the best materials. Our multi-patented manufacturing process assures our floors have no flaws or weak points, which inevitably cause cracking and breaking later on. Our competitors fall behind in both manufacturing and materials.

RaceDeck : Superior Molding Technology - We have over 34 years experience in modular flooring manufacture. In that time, we have developed proprietary processes that result in the most durable floors in the world. Our patented single flow injection molding system ensures material flows consistently throughout the mold from a single point, leaving no break or flow points. This process is expensive, but the results are invaluable.

  • THEM : Inferior products are made using a multi-point injection technique. With this process, material is injected at several points throughout the mold and flows unevenly until it hits the next mass of material and hardens, leaving severe structural flaws. Because of these flaws, multi-point injection molded floors can be easily cracked or damaged, even by gentle bending.

RaceDeck : PowerLock™ System : RaceDeck’s multi-patented PowerLock™ System is engineered to handle the heaviest loads. When engaged, the locks actually become part of the superstructure, strengthening the floor.  What’s more, the PowerLock™ System lets the floor expand and contract naturally in garages with big temperature variations.

  • THEM : Many of our competitor’s floors do not have true positive locking systems. Instead, they have  flimsy “locking mechanisms” on the outer wall of each tile which loosely hook the modules together. These do not actually lock the tiles together, nor do they provide structural support or allow for expansion and contraction. Our competitor’s products simply cannot compete with ours because we hold the patent on the PowerLock™ System.

RaceDeck : Our flooring withstands rolling vehicle loads in excess of 50,000 pounds - The industry’s toughest!

  • THEM : No other flooring system comes close to the RaceDeck line up in terms of sheer strength.

RaceDeck : We use premium grade high-impact copolymers in our manufacturing process. This means no fillers, foam agents, lead, or other foreign materials compromise the integrity of our flooring. This ensures they hold up in even the harshest garages.

  • THEM : In an effort to save money and hide design flaws, many of our competitors use fillers and foam agents in their products. This comes at a huge cost to the quality and structural integrity of the flooring. Some imported products have also been known to contain toxic lead.

RaceDeck : Ведущий производитель и поставщик модульного покрытия для гаража во всем мире. Основатель промышленности модульных покрытий для гаража. Каждый месяц мы производим больше модульного покрытия, чем наши конкуренты производят за год все вместе! Мы произвели более 30 миллионов метров покрытия, с момента основания производства.

  • THEM : No one has been in business longer than us. Many have come and gone and left their customers without warranties or customer service. Many of these companies disappeared because their products lacked the quality and consistency RaceDeck provides.

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